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I have been in this industry for over 25 years.Always keeping up with current trends and research, completing thousands of hours continuing education and earned many certifications from medical to holistic. Being my client is not only an experience its a journey. Wellness begins inside your body, extending to what you expose it to on the outside, and the care you give it. I have extensive training in the holistic field, working with some of the very best therapists and healers from all over the globe. I specialize in the treatment of acne as well as anti aging. My services range from pampering luxurious facials to clinical skin revision.
A licensed Esthetician and a DMK certified skin revision therapist, I have the only DMK certified clinic in Springfield and the surrounding area.
If there are things you don’t like about your skin give me a call. Together we can make the most of the skin you have. Its never about just covering the flaws, its about correcting them and retraining the cells underneath to function as they should be to keep your skin functioning at its optimal potential.
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Lenka Hales

My name is Lenka Hales, Licensed Manicurist / Reflexologist. I am proud to say that I am joining a team at Dynamic Body! As a small business owner I have always strived for excellence  in the care and health of my clients feet and hands. I have more than 23 years of experience and I love what I do. I individually customize my treatment approach addressing every single customer’s need from basic pedicure or manicure to specialized treatments to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Relax as you receive this wonderful treatment (trimming, shaping, cleansing) of your nails exfoliating, massaging and conditioning your arms and hands. Top it off with your choice of Sparitual vegan nail polish

Beautiful manicures begin with healthy, resilient nails. SpaRitual has developed a collection of sophisticated Nail Elixirs to nourish cuticles, build strong nails and establish a flawless environment for color. SpaRitual is also the first to offer 3Free – (DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene) free Nail Elixirs in the professional nail care industry and the first spa treatment line of vegan nail care products.

Express Pedicure 30 min. $37,-

Includes a foot soak, scrub, nail grooming, and massage with your choice of Sparitual vegan nail color.

Footprint Pedicure 60 min. $67,-

Let the stress of your day melt away as you relax in state of the art Murano chair while you receive a foot soak, scrub, masque, nail grooming, and a massage. Complete with your choice of Sparitual vegan nail color.

Signature Footprint Pedicure 90 min. $87,-

Conditioning the toenails, buffing and callus removal, exfoliating your legs and feet, moisturizing with a gentle massage, and your choice of Sparitual vegan nail polish.  This treatment is recommended for first time clients and can be combined with Reflexology as the ultimate unforgettable foot experience.

Sterilization in Dynamic Body is performed through the use of heat and steam in a machine called an Autoclave.

Autoclaving is one of the most effective methods for destruction of all types of microorganisms and used in spas for sterilization of metal implements. The implements are in pouches that bear signals that indicate ‘kill’ temperature has been achieved, and that the implements are ‘fresh’ and microorganism free.


Reflexology is a science which deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. Stimulating these reflexes properly can help many health problems in a natural way, a type of preventative maintenance. Reflexology is a serious advance in the health field and should not be confused with massage.

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Keisha McDaniel, L.AC

She specializes in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
Keisha earned a four year Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from the prestigious AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in Austin Texas. AOMA is known for an unparalleled Chinese Herbal program. She has over 1000 clinic hours treating patients for conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, allergies, depression, infertility, weight loss, smoking cessation, all symptoms related to menopause and a host of other ailments. She studied at Chengdu University of TCM in Chengdu, China to further her knowledge of both acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine. She is a licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Missouri. She recently moved back to Springfield to open Optimal Health, and looks forward to being a part of the growing alternative healthcare field here in the Queen City
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Becca Venti, Licensed Aesthetician

Becca brings a wealth of clinically based skin care experience and individual personal attention to every client.  With over a decade of experience in the medical aestheic field, Becca is deeply committed to quality service in addition to providing her clients with the finest skin care products and advanced treatments available.  Through the years she has continued her education by attending classes, seminars, and many learning opportunities to further her expertise in this field.  Specializing in Eyelash Extensions since 2009. Becca’s experience and personal touch will help you achieve healthy skin and minimize
the signs of aging by customizing a skin care
system specifically for you.
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Tonya Versteeg, MS, LMT

Touch & Tone Massage and Wellness

Tonya Pastar is a licensed massage therapist and graduate from the Healing Arts Center in St. Louis, MO.  While at the Healing Arts Center, Tonya accepted an invitation to practice her skills in the Cancer Clinic at HAC, working with those were currently receiving treatment for various types of cancer.  Upon graduation, she was inducted into the Order of Twin Hearts, an honors society at the Healing Arts Center.

Tonya’s techniques include Swedish, trigger point therapy and myofascial release.  She is also a Reiki Level 2 practitioner.  Her skills allow her to work with those in chronic pain, orthopedic issues, and athletes looking to improve performance or recover from injury.  Her goal is to help her clients have an improved quality of life, alleviate pain, enhance their health, and improve mobility.  She also helps educate her clients on how to care for themselves outside the massage room between treatment sessions.  She strives to help clients live a healthy, holistic lifestyle through the healing power of touch and essential oils.

Tonya is also a personal trainer (ACSM) and teaches Pilates and TRX at Dynamic Body.  She also holds a Master’s Degree in Health Promotion and Wellness Management and a Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology and Public Relations.  Her passions include running, trail running, triathlons, and any other way to stay fit and active.

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Liz Watts – PhiBrows Microblading Artist

Her true passion is helping her clients achieve the brows of their dreams. She has been a certified PhiBrows Microblading Artist since 2017 and is proud to offer PhiBrows Microblading. This technique of depositing pigment in the skin of the brows with a tiny “microblade” provides a very natural and long lasting (6-18months) brow look. All Microblading consultations are complimentary.
Liz is a licensed esthetician and was born and raised in Springfield, MO. She brings over 21 years of experience to her esthetics practice, spending the last six at a large Med Spa. She is trained and certified on a variety of advanced techniques and modalities. She offers SilkPeel MD(Hydrodermabrasion) treatments along with dermaplaning, peels and enzyme therapies. A skilled and efficient waxer, she offers all face and body waxing as well as tinting for lashes and brows.
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Jodi Calus – Laser Aesthetics

She has owned Soft Touch Laser for 13 years. We are so lucky to have her join us! 
Jodi offers laser hair removal, sun damage treatments, broken capillaries, acne treatments and fotofacial. 
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