Make your body “Dynamic” with classes perfect for you! The movements of GYROTONIC® stretch, Pilates & Yoga  strengthen and tone, while the cardio workouts in our Dynamic Movement Room get your heart rate up. We are here to help you get fit from sole to soul!


Are you needing some “me” time? May we suggest booking an appointment with one of our therapists.  You can always enjoy a cup of complimentary coffee/tea after relaxing in one of our six wellness rooms.


Continuing education and expanding our instructors & clients knowledge is a priority. We offer numerous opportunities throughout the year to better our bodies through educational and fun workshops or lunchtime sessions.


The Body Boutique is located inside our 8,000 sq ft studio. You can find a variety of products from athleisure wear perfect for exercise or everyday clothing, to skincare and gifts. Anything to make your body dynamic!

A fit body, from sole to soul. Through strength from balance, and creating balance within, Dynamic Body LLC creates a healthy body. The perfect balance to grow throughout life is achieved at Dynamic Body, through Massage, Mind-Body Movement Classes and inspirational motivators.